How long does it take to set up a PVSEARCH account?

As quick as a blink of an eye! After a service agreement is signed the account is immediately created. We’ll then need to train users into the system, after that the client can start configuring its searches (construct the queries; select publications; define the frequency).

I have been trained into the system but I still have questions about some systems procedures. What can I do?

The system has been designed to be intuitive, nonetheless all features and steps are described in PVSEARCH users manual, which is made available upon subscription.

How is the cost of using PVSEARCH calculated?

The cost is calculated based on the number of queries required by the client, which is usually linked to the products portfolio. 

Does the cost of using PVSEARCH includes the fees applicable to journals subscription?

No, PVSEARCH reports indicate the link for the publications and the exact page of the found result, if the publication requires a subscription the client needs its own active subscription.

Can I share my user profile with other members of my company?

User profiles are designed to be personal. Therefore, its use by more than one employee at the same time is not possible. Additionally, sharing credentials is highly discouraged for security and traceability reasons. PVSEARCH team can grant a number of accesses adjusted to the needs of your company.

What can I do if I forgot my PVSEARCH password?

You should contact the PVSEARCH team and request the assignment of a new password.

Is it possible to have support from the PVSEARCH team setting up the queries?

Yes, PVSEARCH team can set up the words, terms and queries for the clients if required. 

Can I propose the inclusion of a new journal in PVSEARCH?

Yes, the PVSEARCH team will assess the relevance and include them in PVSEARCH database.

Can I change the search frequency initially set?

No, to change the frequency initially defined the clients needs to inform PVSEARCH team, who will change the routine in the database.

What is the ad-hoc search?

Ad-hoc search is a functionally that allows our clients to search the database for any word (e.g. an adverse event, a disease), for a defined period in time. It is useful for Pharmacovigilance activities like PSUR writing or Signal activities but also for other areas like Medical Science, Marketing. The Ad-hoc Search tool also allows retrospective search in the database for the inserted queries.

How is PVSEARCH validation demonstrated?

Upon PVSEARCH subscription, the client will receive a System Validation Summary Report. Full documentation package on the validation is available for consultation upon request. The procedure for PVSEARCH lifecycle ensures the maintenance of its validated status.